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 Advantages of Department 

Educational Quality Assurance

The department has passed the engineering education certification of the Chinese Institute of Engineering Education (IEET), and the quality of education meets international standards.



Innovation Award

Over the years, the department has won 8 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 3 bronze medals at many international invention exhibitions in Nuremberg, Archimedes, Poland, Seoul, Malaysia and Taipei.



Become a Certificate Expert

★ Civil civil engineering general examination for civil servants

★ AutoCAD Certified Professional International Certificate

★ International certificate of Autodesk Revit Architecture

★ Grade B Measuring Technician



Corporate Internship

Arrange "Enterprise Internship" courses and "Employment Internship" courses, provide full-semester internships and full-year internships, strengthen practical learning of engineering majors, and cooperate with 50 companies to establish "Civil Engineering Alliance Employment Program" through school-enterprise cooperation, industry-university Seamless integration to achieve the goal of "graduation is employment".



Full School System

The department has a complete academic system. It is the first department in the school to set up doctoral programs, master's programs, master's on-the-job special classes, bachelor's classes, and aboriginal special classes. influence.


College Center

Three college-level centers and laboratories have been established:

(1) Non-destructive testing and safety assessment center

(2) Building Information Modeling BIM Teaching and Research Center

(3) Featured Teaching Laboratory of Cloud Big Data in Architectural/Civil Engineering Technology

International exchange and cooperation
The department also provides summer/full-semester internship opportunities at home and abroad. For example, in the summer vacation of 2016, 5 sophomores went to Newland Computer Co., Ltd. in Fuzhou to participate in a six-week summer internship, and the students’ air tickets were provided by the Fuzhou Municipal Government of. In addition, the department has cooperated with the Civil Engineering Department of universities in mainland China to run schools. Various measures that help the department grow and thrive are being continuously promoted.

Excellent faculty

Teachers have obtained doctorates from the United States, France, and Taiwan, and their expertise covers various professional fields.