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Learning Features

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In the past four years, the teaching and research achievements of teachers and students have produced 18 patents and won gold medals (9 sides), silver medals (7 sides) and bronze medals (3 sides) in international invention exhibitions such as Nuremberg, Archimedes, Poland, Seoul, Malaysia, Taipei and Japan. ) and the Special Prize (1 side) Grand Prize.

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Congratulations to students Cai Lijian and Gu Junsheng for taking the "105 Civil Service General Examination". During the study period, he also guided students to obtain international certificates such as AutoCAD and Revit.

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The department cooperates with 50 companies including Huangchang Construction to establish the "Civil Engineering Alliance Employment Program" through school-enterprise cooperation, providing students with summer workplace internships and full-semester workplace employment internships, seamless integration of production and education, and the target of "employment after graduation".



The department has been accredited by the Chinese Institute of Engineering Education (IEET), which means that the department's emphasis on teaching quality, faculty structure and teaching and research environment has been recognized internationally. The degrees obtained by students can travel around the world and are a prerequisite for students' career development after graduation.