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Construction related to people's livelihood, the locomotive of all walks of life

Anything that we see with our eyes or tread on with our feet is a masterpiece of civil engineering. Human beings continue to carve and build on the earth, and they continue to destroy and rebuild. This busy industry is commonly known as "construction industry" or "construction industry", and some people call it "locomotive industry" because it can drive the growth of all walks of life. It is a world where "civilians" travel freely, and it is an industry that will never decline.

Building houses, paving roads, building bridges, opening tunnels, building harbors, repairing river channels, etc., are all jobs in this industry. After graduation, civil engineers do not need to carry bricks, lay walls, and tie steel bars, but they do need to measure, drill, plan, draw, order materials, schedule steps, and supervise work. As for civil engineering and architectural design, the biggest difference is that the field of civil engineering focuses more on "structural mechanics", while architecture is more focused on "aesthetics".


Students conduct non-destructive testing of reinforced concrete with ultrasonic detectors through "practice"



【Science track】

Department of Civil Engineering

The department has passed the engineering education certification of the Chinese Institute of Engineering Education (IEET), and its quality meets international standards. Special attention is paid to the application of computer information technology to the integration of engineering planning, design, construction, monitoring and inspection, and operation and maintenance, and according to the characteristics of incoming students, professional learning paths with different attributes are planned to strengthen the practice of professional application software and engineering "learning by doing". training so that graduates can enter the workplace immediately. During the study period, he also guides students to obtain professional licenses.

Examination Department said that the proportion of graduates from this department who have passed the examinations for technicians in civil engineering, structure, earth, surveying, environment, water conservancy, soil and water conservation, etc. is quite outstanding and impressive.



The department has passed the International Engineering Education Accreditation of the Chinese Society for Engineering Education (IEET) since 2007, and in 2022, the entire school system will pass the third cycle of accreditation for up to six years.